About Us

Our vision statement is in the "Welcome" banner to the left. From our vision come our unique congregational values. Read on!

These are Our Values… 

Confidence in God’s Grace

We are a congregation that is strongly rooted in God’s great love for the world, so memorably stated in John 3:16, throughout Scripture, and in the Lutheran Confessions.

We Welcome You

We are a church family that strives day in and day out to live out exceptional Christian hospitality. That doesn’t just mean being friendly on Sunday. It means meeting people’s needs, entering people’s pain, and celebrating people’s joy. It means striving to have every action we take be in concert with Christ’s love.

No Matter Who You Are

Our Christian hospitality is extended to everyone. We believe that people of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and orientation are beloved children of God. Everyone is embraced as a beloved child of God at Christ Lutheran Church.

Where You Are on Life’s Journey

We are an active church engaging people of all ages. God calls, meets, and loves people throughout their entire life: in their youth, young adulthood, middle age, and in retirement. Our ministries seek to represent this, and in living this out we develop appropriate ministries for the benefit of all.

Richly Develop Your Relationship with God

We are a church family that draws people close to God by offering inspiring worship at the center of our life together. Beyond worship we offer programs and groups that encourage faith formation for all ages, understanding that a rich relationship with God continues throughout one’s walk with Christ; through fellowship events, small group studies and meetings, retreats, and service to our neighbors and community.

God’s Work

We are a community that believes that Christ is alive and is still creatively at work in the world. We are on a journey that opens our eyes and hearts to God’s loving activity in the world.

Our Hands

We believe that we are not saved by good works, but we are saved for good works. Every good work we do is simply our response to God’s grace. Guided by the Holy Spirit we strive to provide opportunities so that our hands are engaged in God’s work in the world.

For Healing in our Community and World

We do not sit idly by as the world suffers. We seek to be a real and relevant force for individual and community healing. Our relationship with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America links us together with other congregations across our country and throughout the world. This allows us to do more together than we can do independently, such as supporting world-wide hunger appeals, disaster responses, local and global mission.

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