Faith Practices

Practicing your faith is an important part of the Christian life. Here are but just a few ways we encourage you to practice your faith as you richly develop your relationship with Christ.

Regular Worship: Worship is central to our life together at Christians. We gather on Sundays, the day of resurrection, in prayer, praise, and thanksgiving to as community hear God's Word and experience Christ's love through receiving Christ in the sacrament of Holy Communion.

Daily Devotion will help you and your family develop your relationship with Christ. Daily devotion often includes Scripture reading (you can find that on this website), Prayer (you can find a prayer starter at this site), on some days silence for reflection, and each day mutual sharing. Many close their time of devotion with the Lord's Prayer. Tip: work on doing your daily devotion at the same time each day so as to be consistent.

Prayers for Different Times of the Day: We offer resources for Morning Prayer, Mid-day Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Prayer at the close of the day. Pastor's favorite app is titled "Daily Prayer". See this link for more information. 

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